A Place to Listen is about creating a space. A quiet space where, for an hour or two, one can be deeply attuned to something. Nothing spectacular or sensational. Sometimes only tones and silence. In our current culture of hyper-stimulation and saturation—which attempts to colonize our imaginations and demands that we not look too closely, or feel too deeply—this kind of musical practice is essential. It feeds a part of us that, more and more, we are learning to neglect. The part that needs quiet.

A Place to Listen is about exploring the relationships between sound and silence, audience and performer, performer and score. It is about creating a new way of being together, musically and socially. Many of the composers featured in this series are working within and around the Wandelweiser experimental music community.

Rather than a concert series, this is a listening series.


A Place to Listen was founded in 2012 by Daniel Brandes and Laura Brandes. It (mostly) takes place on the third Wednesday of each month at James Bay United Church, located at 517 Michigan St. in Victoria, British Columbia.