2019/2020 Season

Concert 1. October 16th, 2019
do we still have time? by Antoine Beuger
performed by Daniel Brandes and Laura Brandes

now is the moment to learn hope by Antoine Beuger
performed by Daniel Brandes, Laura Brandes, Kristy Farkas, Nathan Friedman, Alex Jang, Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins, and Christopher Reiche Boucher

Concert 2. November 6th, 2019
En Amor Duro by Maria de Alvear
performed by Keiko Shichijo (piano)

Concert 3. January 29th, 2020
Rach/Ruach (4) by Daniel Brandes
performed by Daniel Brandes (soprano melodica) with Erik Abbink (saxophone), Laura Brandes (flute), Kristy Farkas (piano), and Nathan Friedman (clarinet)

Concert 4. February 19th, 2020
pianist, alone by Jürg Frey
performed by Daniel Brandes (piano)

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