Upcoming Concerts

Wed. June 20, 2018
7 p.m. James Bay United Church


The final concert of A Place to Listen‘s 2017/2018 season will feature works by local composers Daniel Brandes and Alex Jang, as well as Bin Li (b. Fuzhou, China), acomposer based in New York City.

“The three pieces on this program invite particular (but unsayable) ways of being in community through playing, singing, speaking, and listening,” said Daniel Brandes, Co-Founder of A Place to Listen.

“I composed a tenuous we in 2013. It was written at a time when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the state of the world. I felt like we were, somehow, at an impasse—politically and spiritually. Around this same time, I discovered Walter Brueggemann’s book Hopeful Imagination, in which I found a way of seeing grief as a path to hope. I began a collection of texts that explored the powerful entanglement of grief and hope. These texts became the basis of a tenuous we.

In Alex Jang’s for any three playersa trio puzzles its way through a winding, meandering melody, creating a strange and beautiful world that I can only describe as a “Jang-ian unison.”

In Bin Li’s i am also here, two players—separated in space—exchange a brief dialogue. It is a deeply intimate piece in which the seemingly inconspicuous—a soft tone, a simple word—is transfigured into something life affirming.”

This concert will be performed by the A Place to Listen Ensemble.


Make Music Day
Thurs. June 21, 2018, 6 p.m.
Ogden Point Beach

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On June 21st, the A Place to Listen Ensemble will be gathering at Ogden Point Beach for an early evening performance of the piece Stones/Water/Time/Breath by American composer Dean RosenthalThis performance will be one of hundreds of outdoor concerts happening to celebrate Make Music Day, and one of seven performances of this piece (Boston, Miami, Hudson NY, Columbia SC, Los Angeles, Palermo IT, and Martha’s Vineyard).

Stones/Water/Time/Breath reveals a wonderful playfulness within experimental music. It is a very inclusive piece that involves exploring different ways of making sounds with stones and water,” said Daniel Brandes, Co-Founder of A Place to Listen. “We invite anyone—musician or non-musician—who wants to participate to join us. It will be an informal gathering. The idea with Make Music Day is that anyone and everyone is invited to join and play music.”

“I have always been seduced by the idea that experimental should not be an activity that is rarified, elite, or insular … but to include many in order to expand community in the sense that many can enjoy the work and also participate in making it,” said Dean Rosenthal. “Stones/Water/Time/Breath has both ecological and community significance in that the work requires participants to collectively perform with minimal, natural materials in an outdoor setting, at a body of water—water is perhaps the earth’s most precious resource. While the piece is decidedly not an improvisation, there are improvisatory elements. What is most required is an acceptance and openness that comes along with the best performances of experimental music.”

Last year, over 800 cities around the world hosted city-wide music celebrations on Make Music Day.

People are invited to gather at Ogden Point Beach (just down from the sundial) at 6 p.m. for an introduction to the piece, followed by a community performance.


Wed. Oct. 17, 2018
7 p.m. James Bay United Church

The 2018/2019 season will kick off with a performance by APTL Ensemble member Kristy Farkas. Her research, performances, and recordings from a month-long stay in Japan in May will culminate in a new work for live electronics, field recordings, and acoustic instruments to be premiered at A Place to Listen.