Upcoming Concerts

of what is yet to be
Wed. Nov. 21, 2018
7 p.m. James Bay United Church

On November 21st APTL Ensemble member Daniel Brandes will perform Antoine Beuger‘s work traces of eternity: of what is yet to be (2018).

The score consists of 288 single pages, each one a place to dwell. It is an invitation to wade into “what is yet to be.”

“One of the things that moves me so deeply about this piece is that it is truly an act of trust,” says Daniel. “Antoine has entrusted these pages–each with their few fragile tones–to the player and listener, with the hope that they will be met with a daring, caring sensitivity. To me, that is an incredibly hopeful act. As the world seems to grow ever more polarized and volatile, I think this kind of musical practice has the potential put us back in touch with, and cultivate, a kind, caring, open sensitivity to each other and to the world.”

The piece is a musical practice, wherein the pianist and audience are immersed in the experience of “rejoicing in the splendour of what cannot be possessed, of what cannot be conceived, of what cannot be anticipated.” The work is inspired by and dedicated to Antoine’s good friend and pianist and composer Dante Boon.


Wed. Dec. 19, 2018
7 p.m. James Bay United Church

Victoria-based voice artist and friend of APTL Cathy Fern Lewis and APTL Ensemble members Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins and Alex Jang will perform a concert featuring works by Maria Eduarda. Vida II: Rondeau (2017) is part of a series of pieces inspired by life, in which minor changes happen every single day over the course of our existence. The Memory Game (2018), a literal game, is inspired by chance procedures and by the ongoing aesthetics of the quiet.