“Time seems to evaporate, and I leave with a lasting impression of calm.” —Janis La Couvée, arts blogger

“It was a really wonderful and unique experience. I found the ambient noise seeping in to be really interesting […] I’m not sure whether the pieces were intended to be heard in complete silence, but the ambient sounds made me aware of how much my ears were sharpening and where I was in the world. I really had to work on taming my cortex to come in and focus on what I was hearing. Meditative and great. Thank you for the experience.” —Connie Sobsey

“Thanks… for getting me to stop and listen.” —Jodie Walsh

“It seems a strangely original idea to avoid musical noise, even for an hour, and [I am] very much in favour.” —Colin Tilney, harpsichordist

“…a very beautiful performance [of what her friend said], rich and warm and haunted.” —Anna Höstmann, composer

“Thank you for playing so beautifully.” —Linda Catlin Smith, composer

“…a really beautiful and moving performance [of after the middle a silence follows].” —Antoine Beuger, composer

“…beautiful […] a brilliant job.” —Taylan Susam, composer

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